What is the purpose of the anchor bolt?


1. Fixed anchor bolts, also known as short anchor bolts […]

1. Fixed anchor bolts, also known as short anchor bolts, which are poured together with the foundation and used to fix the equipment without generating strong vibration and impact.
2. Movable anchor bolt, also known as long anchor bolt, is a detachable anchor bolt used to fix heavy mechanical equipment with strong vibration and impact.


3. Expansion anchors are often used to fix stationary simple equipment or auxiliary equipment. The installation of anchor bolts should meet the following requirements: the distance from the center of the bolt to the edge of the foundation is not less than 7 times the diameter of the anchor bolt; the foundation strength of the bolt with anchor feet is not less than 10 MPa; there should be no cracks in the drill hole to prevent the drill bit Collision with steel bars and buried pipes in the foundation. The diameter and depth of the holes should match the anchor bolts.
4. The viscous anchor bolt is a commonly used anchor bolt in recent years. The method and requirements are the same as the expansion anchor. However, when bonding, pay attention to blow off the debris in the hole and do not get wet.

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