What types of anchor bolts are there?


1. Movable anchor bolts Suitable for heavy equipment wi […]

1. Movable anchor bolts
Suitable for heavy equipment with strong vibration and shock. There are two types of removable anchor bolts. One is threaded on the lower end and connected to the nut through a fixing plate. The other type has a rectangular head at the lower end. The fixing plate has a rectangular groove. When installing, correctly insert the rectangular head of the anchor bolt into the rectangular groove of the anchor plate according to the mark.

2. Bond the anchor bolts
Anchor bolts commonly used in recent years. Anchor bolts that do not have strict requirements on tightening force are usually tightened with a common wrench. Pneumatic or electric wrench for tightening, sledge hammer or floating hammer for single-ended wrench tightening. The anchor bolts that need to determine the tightening force use the fixed torque method or the hydraulic tension method. Basically, the anchor bolts are used to fix the equipment and the foundation. Adjust the level of the equipment by adjusting the horn, and then fix the equipment on the equipment foundation by grouting.

3. Expansion bolts
It is usually used to secure stationary simple equipment or auxiliary equipment. Expansion bolts are also called expansion bolts. YG3 expansion pipe expansion anchor bolts are usually used for equipment installation. The strength of the foundation concrete for installing the expansion anchor bolts shall not be less than 10MPa. Expansion bolts should be drilled and buried, and reserved holes should not be used. Do not use expansion anchor bolts on cracked parts of the foundation.

4. Fix the anchor bolts
Suitable for equipment without strong vibration and shock. The lower part of the commonly used fixed anchor bolts is generally made into a fork shape or a hook shape, and a cross bar is added to the hook. The purpose is to increase the pull-out resistance of the anchor bolts. There are three installation methods for fixed anchor bolts: embedded anchor bolts, reserved hole anchor bolts and epoxy mortar anchor bolts.

1. Fixed anchor bolts are used to fix equipment without strong vibration and shock, such as straight hook bolts, U-shaped bolts, hook-shaped bolts, curved bolts, claw bolts, anchor bolts, etc.
2. Movable anchor bolts are used to fix heavy machinery and equipment, which will generate strong vibration and shock during the work process, such as T-head bolts, screw-in bolts, butt bolts, etc.
3. Sometimes, partially fixed simple equipment or auxiliary equipment is connected by expansion anchor bolts. The installation of expansion anchor bolts should meet the following requirements:
(1) The distance from the anchoring center of the expansion anchor to the edge of the foundation should not be less than 7 times the anchoring diameter of the expansion anchor.
(2) The foundation strength of anchor bolts equipped with expansion anchors shall not be less than 10MPa.
(3) There should be no cracks in the drilling area, and the drill bit should be prevented from colliding with the steel bars and buried pipes in the foundation when drilling.
(4) The diameter and depth of the drilled hole should match the expansion anchor.

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