Why are plastic screws not discarded?


Why are plastic screws not eliminated? Isn’t it true th […]

Why are plastic screws not eliminated? Isn’t it true that compared to carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials, plastic screws are more likely to be damaged? Then why are they still being sold and others are buying? The reason why plastic screws have been in production, sales and The main reasons for the application are as follows:

1. Price: Of course, the more important factor is the price. Some plastic screws are relatively cheaper, which is a good choice for situations that need to save costs.

2. Performance issues: Compared with metal screws, the advantage of plastic screws is that they are insulating, non-conducting, and have anti-signal interference characteristics, so that plastic screws can be used in some needs. Insulating, non-magnetic, and anti-interference industries (such as medical machinery, communications, etc.) have a position that metal screws cannot replace.

3. Different materials: plastic screws are also divided into different materials. Different materials have different performances. Among them, PVDF and polypropylene materials have very strong acid and alkali resistance. In some industries in a strong acid-base environment, some plastic screws can be used well. So on the whole, there are still places where plastic screws cannot be replaced by metal screws.

Of course, plastic screws do have the problem of too much torque and easy to slip teeth or break the head, so the scope of application of plastic screws is also limited.

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