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Product Name: Wedge Anchor
Surface treatment: Bright zinc plated,Yellow zinc plated and Hot Dip Galvanized
Material: carbon steel ,SS304,SS316
Grade: 4.8/ 5.8/6.8/ 8.8
Size: M16*150
Thread Size: M16-P2.0
Suitable substrate: Concrete,Natural stone
Application: Metal structure

Our Wedge Anchors are sold to North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Now, we have more than 1200 sizes products,As a famous China Wedge Anchors Manufacturers and Wedge Anchors factory,There are more than 110 employees,20 of whom are sales.100 sets manufacturing machines,we are equipped with indepe ndent la boratory with universal material tensile testing machine, vickers hardness tester, salt spray testing machine, pull out testing machine, film thickness measuring instrument, metallo graphic microscope.Our production capacity is 1000 tons per month.We provide 24/7 customer support. If you have any questions about our Wedge Anchors, please feel free to contact us.

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